1st, 7th, of every month- Give Church A Big Hug Every Half-Hour Day (Give him a big hug, derp

2nd of every month - Grif actually doesn't have a bad day (Don't abuse Grif)

21st of every month-Basement Day (everyone goes down to the basement to be fucked or gimme a cookie)

31 of every month-Helenna Day! (Everyone does what Helenna wants)

from the 37th to the 47th is sheer day (no one rps with sheer)

Every 28th is Nova gets Arson day (Nova burns the chat and smashes skulls ^-^)

8th of Every month (Everyone Gives TBA Gifts!)

Every 9th,12th and 15th of the month (MARQ DAY MOTHER FUKAS! >:D) Jk about the Mother Fuka part.

every Sat night is FAMILY NIGHT! where everyone who is in the family comes on if they can!! if you're a Family Friend see if you can come on too! -- Helenna Mas7er, keeper of dates