Nova Kick's ODST innie ass :3

I was the first to call him uncle.

Then it started this...

THE ABUSER[edit | edit source]

Nova started the family off by calling AJ uncle. This was just Nova trying to piss him off. Then he started adding to the family with Vid being his father. Early in the Family's development, he left. But that was just him breaking a modem. (although some say it's a machine fetish >.>) Apparently Nova's influence spreaded across nations, destroying civilizations known and unknown. 

Parentage  (I Think)[edit | edit source]

Vid is Nova's dad, but from him changing his profile picture so many times, Nova has no clue who he is genetically, the closest he got was he was part dragon, only because Vid chose to be Spike for some amount of time. 

This was his father during some time period

The only lead towards Nova's mother is that she's somewhere in Vegas,  Nova, Vid, and Church decided to go there, but Vid didn't give a fuck about time traveling paradoxes, in the end, Nova's older than his own father.  This is also the same problem Nova encountered when finding out that SU Mas7er was his daughter.  She's 22 and he's only 15.  "What the Hell is wrong with this family"  Nova says when seeing SU for the first time.

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