Nova the Fu@king Bombing Mas7erEdit

Nova made his debut in Halo Nation chat.  Soon afterwards he won his first RP battle.  The battle then changed the outlook of all RP warfare thereafter.  Nova bends the rules sometimes, either those rule ranging from chatrules to the theory of relativity.  In any event, Nova's a friend willing to help; or someone willing to kill; or someone willing to do random shit.  When it comes to chatrooms, Nova's the chat kill.  And i'll always will be T_T .-. (talk)


It's original!!! but not by me!!!

Complete and Utter RandomnessEdit

Nova's random, that's all there is to it.  He is completely the epitome of idiocity at it's worse.  But he's a tactical genius on land, yet the worst navigator in space.  Nova's gameplay is astoundingly simple "Grab a gun you like, then blow the shit out of whoever's pissing you off."  - Nova's gamer guide to any FPS

Nova knows no boundaries, so it makes him an all-around player.  Yet thumbwrestling still grabs his attention.


Nova does thumbwrestling with some other guy

Nova's also a builder, yet his Forge maps suck.  Evo calls him "mah niggaz" but that's because Nova's black.  Evo holds that against him.  But Nova just finds Evo hilarious, but random laughter anywhere is almost weird.