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"My Hair can change at will" Helenna to Vid

Helenna was adopted by Vid Mas7er, she feels as if she shouldn't be at the Mas7er family house due to why she is here, she ran away for quite some time, before returning. 

she is a 16 year old neko, with 2 kids, twins, Samantha (Sam/Sammy) and Jake. and is pregnent with a 3ed. 

Helenna is also an immortal, who will only age to the age of 20, then will no longer age.

she is also a holder of a Death note (Note book of Death) and has a God of Death, Sookie. 

her true Father, is also inlove with her. Helenna's mother, Terra, is a time traviler, and when Helenna was born, her father was much too young to take care of her, or even be her father, so, she was adopted by Vid.

odd moments:Edit

Jake: Mommy, how are babies made? Helen: well... uh Helen: they fall out of the sky.. Jake: oh.. but how do dey got into you? Helen:... magic Sam: but mommy. Sam: how are the daddy and mommy known? Helen: erm.. Helen: they are on a file. and when a man and a women love each other very much.. Helen: they're file get pulled out and, poof. a baby. Helen: then the baby gets flowen down here. Sam: :o Jake: but why did your tummy get big too, mommy? Helen: because the babies come very small and grow inside my tummy. Sam: Ohhhhh!

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Helen with her first maid dress

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baby helen

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baby helen

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7 year old helen

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Helen now

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Helen in her formal dress

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Helen as a baby

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Helen befor sh left Terra's

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helen 5 years old