I'm guessing that this was meant in a sexual way. Ladies, I'm open for business. :3 -Vidmas7er

Don't forget about me now! :3 -Halo4master

We can haz baby daddy- evo

^.^ - Vidmas7er

Sounds like a plan. ;) -Hamkitty


Don't worry, Helen, you could take Ham. - Vidmas7er

Ok. ^-^ -Ham

*Hands Ham Sam and Jake*-Helen

*walks in* group sex - Sheer

Nope.avi -Vidmas7er

The worthog is ready captan but not for you - (guess were that line is from u get paid)

*Walks in* What is this I don't even....... *Walks out* -Church

I'm all for this, but i am NOT having sex with sheer. -Halo4master

As per Ham. -Vidmas7er

*Walks in with 7 foot long black dildo strap on* HEY GUISE. I'M READEH FOR MAI SCENE. -CelestiaOfEquestria

Dammit you guys had an orgy without me T_T .-.