No Photographic Evidence of Commander Church's room is present, for he has forbidden its existance.

Not much is known about his room, aside from the fact that "It is simply contains a bed and a closet which functions as a personal armory. It holds all of my weapons, equipment, armor variations, other classified things, and my small assortment of normal clothes." as stated by Commander Church himself.

Commander Church is the only person to have been inside of his own room. Any attempts to enter without his permision have resulted in punishment, usually in the form of Commander Church picking the intruder up and throwing them out of or away from his room. this method, however, is outdated, for Commander Church has installed a multi-stage Security System after learning of multiple thefts by Evodvi. The first and only known stage is a sensor that appears to scan a person's hand. It is unknown what will happen if access is denied, as nobody has attempted to enter his room since the Security System was installed. This is a lie since it has been breached all too often.